43 Bail Funds You Can Support Right Now

43 Bail Funds You Can Absolutely Support Right Now

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On Sunday, Autostraddle traditionally compiles a “Sunday Funday” link roundup. Instead, today we’d like to ask that if you can, donate to a bail fund.

Donations for bail funds have trended across social media over the weekend as protestors are arrested for participation in the ongoing nationwide rebellions against police violence and the state sanctioned murder of Black lives. However, bail funds like the ones listed below are not new by any means. They have long been a grassroots activist tool to support our own in Black communities.

While we’re here raising funds for bail, it’s important to note that the United States’ cash bail process is inherently a broken capitalist system that’s designed to purposefully feed the mass incarceration of (in particular poor) Black people and other people of color.  That being said, raising bail for those who cannot afford it — especially, though not only, during a viral pandemic like Covid-19 — is absolutely a matter of life or death. We already know that the United States is a global epicenter for the virus, and thanks to our criminal (in)justice system, prisons and detention facilities are left without the proper PPE and the necessary sanitary conditions to mitigate spread, which is something that a lot of activists are working tirelessly to fight.

So yes, bail funds save will lives by releasing protesters from jail as quickly as possible. But also, you can (and should!) donate to bail funds even when it’s not time of mass protest.

Tomorrow is June 1st, officially marking the beginning of Pride, and now more than ever we will not  forget that Stonewall was a riot. It was a rebellion. Our movement was born from black and brown trans women throwing bricks at cops. That’s the catalyst, the spark, the bravery that makes up the marrow of our community. It’s a debt that cannot ever be fully repaid. And we know that work is still not done.


Montgomery Bail Out


Tuscan Second Chance Community Bail Fund

Phoenix — Black People’s Justice Fund


Los Angeles — Peoples City Council Freedom Fund

NorCal Resist Bail Fund

The Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail Fund


Denver — Colorado Freedom Fund


Connecticut Bail Fund


Florida Bail Fund

Miami — Fempower’s Community Bond Fund

Orlando Community Bail Fund


Atlanta Solidarity Fund


Hawaii Community Bail Fund


Chicago Community Bond Fund


Louisville Community Bail Fund


New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund

YWCA Greater Baton Rouge Community Bail Fund


Baltimore Action Legal Team Community Bail Fund


The Massachusetts Bail Fund


Detroit Justice Center Bail Project


Minnesota Freedom Fund (*Note: The Minnesota Freedom Fund has also asked that donors consider using their resources towards other BIPOC led organizations in Minnesota, Autostraddle can help get you started)


Kansas City Community Bail Fund

Columbia — Race Matters Friends Community Bail Fund


Vegas Freedom Fund

New York

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

New York — The Liberty Fund

New York City Emergency Release Fund (*Note: Focused on helping with the bail of LGBT and specifically trans people)

North Carolina

North Carolina Community Bail Fund of Durham


Columbus Freedom Fund


Portland — PDX Protest Bail Fund


Philadelphia Bail Fund

Harrisburg — The Dauphin County Bail fund

Pittsburgh — The Bukit Bail Fund


Nashville Community Bail Fund

Memphis Community Bail Fund


Houston — Restoring Justice Community Bail Fund

Dallas/ Fort Worth — Luke 4:18 Bail Fund


Richmond Community Bail Fund

Roanoke Community Bail Fund


Seattle — Northwest Community Bail Fund


Madison — Free the 350 Bail Fund

The Black National Bail Out

The LGBTQ Freedom Fund

This an ongoing fight, and a donation is merely one part of showing up. We have lost so many Black lives. In the face of continued inexcusable police violence and murder, it’s hard to hold on to hope. But we don’t have to wait for others to commit to upholding the value of Black life and materially improve the lives of Black people. We can take care of each other instead.


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